Wednesday, 29 March 2017


Today is 3 years since I opened my shop in New Street, Louth. 4 years starting my business. It's been an incredible journey, one I couldn't have achieved without the support of my family, friends & amazing customers. As most of you know I started sewing 5 years ago, 35yrs old. I was totally new to this creative process & I couldn't get enough of it, I still can't :) It's been so rewarding encouraging others to have a go & enjoy sewing. I've met some talented quilters which have in truth inspired me too. 

I'm taking a break from my blog posts but you can still keep updated via my Facebook Page & Website. I have some exciting things planed for the future of The Little Fabric Store, free pattern & those kits I've been meaning to make up. 

Once again a big thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read my posts & updates. Do drop in when you're next in Lincolnshire, it's a lovely spot in the world & my shop will be sending out it's homing beacon to all you crafters in Louth.
- Here's a look back - 

- Craft Fair - Summer 2013 - 

- Louth Market October 13 - March 14 - 

- I picked up the shop keys in New St. Louth in Feb 2013- 

- Opening Day March 2014 - 

- Sew Now sessions started Summer 13 - 

Me & the Market Hall Traders dressed the part :)

June 15 visited the local Lindsey Patchwork Quilt Exhibition 
Margaret added fabrics from her childhood to this hand pieced quilt

- We worked together for Sew Saturday - 

March 2016 National advertising in Homemaker 

The journey continues
x Helen x 


Friday, 24 February 2017

Good Old Blighty Quilt

I started working on Janet Clare's "Good Old Blighty Quilt" in December. It's now finished and finally up in the window. I've loved working on this, from choosing fabrics from my scraps, to the embroidery & hand quilting the shipping lanes. The pattern is from Janet's "Hearty Good Wishes". This book has so many fantastic projects, I want to make them all. They all work wonderfully in the home and they're not always over girly. I have no problem with girly but my son did tell me a few years ago "our house is getting way to girly mum". I always get the thumbs up when I've made a Janet Clare project. 

- "Good Old Blighty Quilt - 
I used a selection of Janet Clare prints, 
linen & a bit of Liberty too for the appliqué 

Janet Clare's New Moda Collection
"Aubade - Song to the Dawn

- Kathy Schmitz New Moda Collection - Garden Notes - 

Last weekend I went walking in my favourite woodland. I always discover some great finds for my shop window. The branch in the window was from there. I somehow manage to get them in the car too :) 

This winter/spring visit your favourite place whether it be the woods or coast. Along with these fabrics, books & patterns I hope you'll be inspired you to make something special this year. 

- Helen - 


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Maker of the Month

This year I've started a monthly competition "Maker of the Month". All you have to do is submit a photo of your make via email - or Facebook  It must have fabric purchased from The Little Fabric Store in your make. You can enter as many photos as you like, each name will be numbered. If you send more than one photo it will be jointly entered under your name. January's Winner is No.8 - Nadia - from Wolds Away Clothing Congrats to Nadia, who wins 3 metres of selected fabric from The Little Fabric Store :)

No.1- Cath's Top made using the new Hop, Skip & Jump by Moda

2 - Debbie made this Appliqued Heart Cushion using a selection of Moda Plains, Dots & Muslins.

3 - Sue made these Wine glass coasters from the Moda muslin range

4 - Ellen made this hand sewn customised Spider man cushion for her son 

4 - Ellen also made this Frog cushion for her other son 

5 - Mindy made this quilt by hand for her granddaughter using a selection of fabrics.

6 - This quilt had been made by Christine, using the MoMo Charm pack

7 - Kate & her family & friends made this beautiful Robin quilt using French General fabrics.

8 - Nadia from Wolds Away Clothing made this sweet dress for her daughter. She used the seven berry fabric to make the bias trim.

9 - Ema makes these wonderful hammocks for her pet rats, i bet they're comfortable & cosy in these.

10 - Sally made this sweet Rabbit for her niece. 
Sally used fabrics for the scarf from the shop.

11 - Margaret made this lovely quilt as you go quilt using 
a selection of Moda plains.

Paul & Lesley at  Jameson shoe repairs picked the winning number 8. Also take a look at Paul's photography site
Thank you 

Every month a local business owner will pick a number at random to find the 

    winner. These businesses show the independent shops available in Louth. For more information on Louth & the businesses in the town visit this new website run by the Louth Independent Traders.

February's Winner will receive a Free Frivol Tin of their choice. These Kits have 42 x 7" pre cut squares, they come with a quilt pattern & freebies inside. 
Have fun & enter your photo.

- Helen -


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year to you all, I hope you all managed to enjoy the festive period. I've started the Janet Clare Shipping Forecast Quilt. The pattern is in her "Hearty Good Wishes" Book. I'm really enjoying the appliqué. I've done a little free motion stitching before but I've decided to hand stitch these instead. I wasn't sure about the embroidery colour but I've settled on a beige tone. I'm having a lot of fun with this and as usual Janet's patterns bring a whole new meaning to quilting. It's all about having a go & making it your own. Janet's Quilts also have meaning, they have a story to tell. The bird quilt attracted a lot of attention in the shop & I know this quilt will do the same. These things are all very important for small businesses.

I've also got some fantastic new Moda fabrics in stock (soon to be added to the website). "Darling Little Dickens" are designed by Lydia Nelson. These classic prints in sweet neutrals are perfect for baby boy & girl projects. 

There's also a new section "Maker of the Month". It's an opportunity for people to share their makes. Just send through a photo of anything made in that month using fabrics from The Little Fabric Store. 
Email me at or send a photo via Facebook
A winner will be picked each month and a prize will be given. 

- Happy New Year -